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Kayakoy is just five minutes from Hisarönü village, which is on the way to Oludeniz and 8 km from Fethiye.

Here you will find 3500 old Greek houses on the hillside each postioned so as not to block the views of the each another. Up until 1922, approximately 25,000 people used to live here. After the Independence War during the population exchange program the Greeks migrated to their homeland. It is known that there had been a Christian settlement in the village since the 13th century. The village was repopulated by people that moved from Western Turkey as part of the population exchange. However, these people established their houses on the flat land in front of Kayaköy.

Now there is a population of 2000 people living in the area, but the old houses have been left into lonely moods with their doors and windows broken hence the ‘Ghost Village’ title. In the village, whose old name was Levissi, there were two churches and 14 chapels. The Taksiyarhis church is now derelict, its wooden door on display in the Fethiye Museum. The Panagia Pirgiotis Church (the Church Beneath) is in better condition and has interesting frescoes that are worth seeing.



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