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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I visit Turkey to inspect Property 4 Sale Turkey’s properties?

A: At Property 4 Sale Turkey we tailor make our inspections to suit our clients needs. With our assistance our clients book and pay for their flight tickets and we provide free B&B accommodation and transfers. Upon purchase of any property through Property 4 Sale Turkey, the flight cost will be fully refunded.

Q: Can I purchase more than 1 property?

A: Yes. You can purchase as many properties as you wish.

Q: Can I employ an English speaking solicitor to mange the property purchase on my behalf?

A: Yes. We recommend our clients employ a local solicitor. By giving the solictor Power of Attorney they can assist with security checks, conveyance, the sale agreement and utility connections.

We at Property 4 Sale Turkey are happy and authorised to do all the above but to ensure there is no conflict of interest we will recommend an experience solicitor. Clients should buy the property in the same way with the same values as you would back home guaranteeing the process is legal and providing peace of mind for years to come.


Q: If I purchase property, how do I know when to make my payments?

A: This will be detailed in the sale agreement. Property 4 Sale Turkey will also give clients a payment plan which clearly details when each payment is required. As soon as the payments have been received, Property 4 Sale Turkey will arrange a receipt and will be in constant contact via e-mail or phone.


Q: If I own a property in Turkey, is there a limit to the amount of times I can come to Turkey to use it?

A: No, there is no limit.


Q: Do I need to pay £10 every time I enter the country?

A: A visa is required for ALL British nationals to enter Turkey.  British citizens may obtain a MULTIPLE entry visitor's visa valid for 90 days, at their port of entry upon payment of ten pounds sterling in cash. (No coins accepted. Please Note: Scottish currency is also not accepted).  During the validity of a current 90 day visa, you may enter and exit the country without the need for further payment. It is now also easy to obtain a 1-5 year Visa, currently the cost is 48USD per year. This allows you unlimited access for the duration of the visa.


Q: I want to stay in Turkey long term. Is this possible?

A: Yes, it is possible. Non Turkish citizens need to apply for a residency visa. Property 4 Sale Turkey can assist clients with this process. Fees would have to be paid directly to the local government authorities for the permit.

Q: How long does it take until the property will be in my name?

A: Presently it takes up to 3 months for the Title Deeds to come through. When this happens, the property will be in the clients name. However, it is expected that this process will soon be changed and that Title Deeds will be transferred in a much shorter period of time.


Q: Can the Title Deed have more than one name on it?

A: Yes, it can have as many names as you wish on it. Property 4 Sale Turkey will need passport copies, full names and addresses of all those whose names are to appear on the Title Deeds.


Q: When I die, will the Turkish Government have any claim to my property?

A: No, it will not have any claim. The same rules apply here as in English law; in that the husband/wife and/or children would inherit the property. Property 4 Sale Turkey can assist clients in drawing up a notarised will.


Q: Are properties freehold or leasehold?

A: Property on our books are 100% freehold.

Q: What kind of taxes will I need to pay?

A: A Purcahses Tax which is approx 1.5% - 3% of the sale agreement price depending on location. A Government Tax approx £100. A Property Tax of approx 1% paid annually. Dask earthquake insurance which depends on the size and value of the property


Q: Is purchasing property in Turkey a good investment opportunity?

A: Currently prices in Turkey are incredibly reasonable with prices rising by upto 20% p.a. This capital growth does not account for the huge rental potential on top.


Q: Will I be able to rent out my property?

A: Yes. Property 4 Sale Turkey can assist with this with yields from 7% widely available.


Q: If I purchase property within a complex, how much are maintenance fees?

A: Costs vary from £200 to £800 depending on facilities. These costs are clear before any purchase and subject to a separate contract.


Q: If I own land, can Property 4 Sale Turkey construct on it?

A: Yes, we can. We have a team of architects at the clients disposal should they decide to build on their land. Firstly, we would take the land title deed copy to the government land registry to check that it is in order and from there we will be able to determine how the land can be split (what percentage of the land can be used for the actual building) and what type of property we can construct on the clients behalf (eg: apartment block, duplex, triplex, villa). We will put our findings in a report to the client. Our architects can draw up plans according to the clients specifications, or clients can have their own plans drawn up in the UK, and we can construct from these.


Q: Can I open a bank account in Turkey?

A: Yes. Property 4 Sale Turkey will assist clients with this. Clients will need to take their passports with them for the accounts to be opened. Setting up a bank account is useful for paying utility bills via direct debit and transferring stage payment.


Q: Can I open an interest account? How much interest will I get?

A: It is possible to open an interest account. Property 4 Sale Turkey can assist with this. Interest rates are currently between 9% and 11% for Turkish Lira accounts.


Q: What are the bank opening times?

A: Opening hours vary, but banks are generally open from 9:00am – 5:00pm with a lunch break between 12:30pm – 1:30pm.

Q: Is it possible for a non-Turkish resident / national to obtain a mortgage?

A: Yes. As of 2007 it is possible to obtain a mortgage to fund the purchase of a Turkish property. This loan can be raised either in the UK or through a Turkish bank such as Deniz bank. For more details please click on the mortgage section on the homepage.

Q: What other facilities do banks offer?

A: Facilities vary, but most major banks offer money exchange (travelers cheques, foreign currency, eurocheques) but note that they do charge commission for these services. Most banks have a cash point system where holders of Visa, Access, MasterCard, Euro card and Delta can obtain cash.


Q: What is the crime rate like in Turkey?

A: The crime rate is low in Turkey – definitely much lower than in Spain, Bulgaria and the UK


Q: Will my property be safe while I’m not in Turkey?

A: Property 4 Sale Turkey offers a comprehensive property management service. We do property inspections, when requested, on behalf of the clients, and report back to the clients on our findings.


Q: Can I get building insurance?

A: Yes you can. Property 4 Sale Turkey can assist you with doing so


Q: Can I get health insurance?

A: Yes you can. Property 4 Sale Turkey can assist you with this and works with Aviva (Commercial Union). Turkey does not have a system like the NHS.


Q: Can I have satellite TV installed?

A: You can have a satellite dish installed for satellite TV, so you can watch programs such as BBC World, BBC Prime, CNN International, Eurosport and some other English programs. Larger satellite dishes can receive Sky and terrestrial channels.

Q: Can I have a telephone installed?

A: If you have a residency visa, you can have a telephone installed. Otherwise, no. However, clients can use their own mobile phones from the UK, all they have to do is purchase a SIM card from one of the shops in Turkey on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Q: What is the electricity voltage?

A: It is 220 volts. In some areas where power surges are a factor, the purchase of a regulator is a necessity as it smoothes out these surges before they reach the electrical goods in your property


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